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Born in the South, and after spending much of my childhood in the corn fields of Illinois, I have come back to my roots! And I'm EXCITED!

photographer for women, advocate of people, and hopeless romantic.

Hi! I’m tammy scott!

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Here at Savannah Boudoir Photography & Glamour, we offer all types of portrait sessions for women & girls. They aren't just your every day portrait sessions. They are glamourous, extravagant, meant to be something special that you do to pamper and uplift yourself. We, women, take care of so many others, but this is something special that is

Just. For. You. 

We want you to feel empowered and as beautiful as you are!

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Tammy is absolutely amazing to work with! I was so nervous and anxious and she made me feel so comfortable right away! The studio is gorgeous and the options are endless. Absolutely recommend!

“Tammy is absolutely amazing to work with!”


She was amazing and goofy and it made me relax! She was the best! This was my first time doing this and I'd definitely do it again with Tammy! She also chased me with a couch 🤣 but her space is beautiful!

“Her space is beautiful!”


I can't wait to chat.

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